Saturday, January 27, 2007

La Pasadita

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lorraines Diner

Japanese Garden: Robin's Favorite Place

I loved the Japanese Garden which is located behind the Museum of Science and Industry.A nice oasis away from the city. Jesse went with me and we both felt so happy to find this place. Its so beautiful and quiet. I didn't want to meet anyone in this place cuz its more of a solitary experience rather than a social one. Definitly a place to go to when you want to escape from everyone and city sounds and sites. This place really transports you out of the city. I also got the chance to walk around Hyde Park which reminds me a lot of New York and Outremont in Montreal, Quebec. I stopped by the Hyde Park Arts Centre and then looked desperately for Holes Pizza another favorite place but was unable to locate it.

gone so long

I have been a bad blogger.... this is what happens to me when I turn life into art projects I find it hard to keep going and like life sometimes i like to stop so like art the project took a little turn for a while. I miss blogging though but I do need to go onto other blogs and check them out. Im new to the world of blogs and myspaces and still spend quite a bit of time on the phone. However this project has taken many turns and I have adapted this project for many different spaces. I presented this project as an installation for art shows and have another one on January 27th which will include this blog. In this way, the project keeps growing and generating more places and information. the blog is the place that I come back to. I have walked by favorite places by chance and don't have my camera with me or I am not in the mood to force myself to meet people... this is the frustration of making an enjoyable situation an art project. I think for me this is the challenge with this project. to keep it going, sustained and stay commited. So I am back and have lots to share. this project will not be my main focus as I am starting new projects but it will continue throughout the next two years. stay posted. sincerely sarah chicago

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

attraction to parrot meets Potential Lunch Winner

I saw this bike with a parrot on the back parked outside of Chicken Planet on Jackson west of state a second suggested favorite place from my friend Chris. He is my only exception for a 2nd place since he took me there in person and it looks amazing and Ben Cory the guy with the parrot bike agreed to Chicken Planet being a hidden gem of chicago cheap treats. After photographing his parrot on his bike he came along and I asked him his favorite place. He grew up in Hyde Park and said his favorite place or one of his top places Holes Pizza. Its on 53rd and near Lake Park. I take the #6 bus on state in the loop to 53rd street. Ben said to get a slice of pizza with french fries and soak it completely in hot sauce and bbq sauce. He looked like a courier but he said he just likes biking and grocery shopping. Really nice guy and as we were talking a guy came by and asked for a patch kit for his bike. all these collisions and it was instant stranger interacton at the corner of jackson and State. Ben gave me his card and I just realized it says Ben Cory Potential Lunch Winner. hilarious.cant wait to go to this place on the weekend.

Potbellies connections Ryan & Brian

Brian walked out of Potbellies, a friend of mine who is a total fan of Potbellies and I have a 5 minute video of him describing all the sandwiches in great detail. He just said by to the place because he is leaving Chicago soon. So I thought it was funny that he was saying bye to his favorite places as I was introducing myself to new ones. Brians favorite place is a forest reserve which he said he would take me too. I would love to go before it snows.

Outside of Potbellies I approached a guy who looked like he was waiting for someone. His name is Ryan and he is a student at De Paul. His favorite place is the Lincoln Park Zoo which I havent been to yet and his favorite section is the Flamingos. I cant wait to see it but Im assuming now the Flamingos arnt there because its cold. He says he goes there "way too much" and I asked how much is too much so I guess he said every second weekend he takes someone there. I cant wait to get a photo of the pink pink on my blog.

Potbellies: Pedro's Favorite Place

I met Pedro and a bunch of students actually at open studio night at saic. I photographed everyone in my studio in front of my silk chicago poster so you will notice a bunch of pictures that are similar. The people photographed then wrote their email address and favorite place on a bristle board taped on the wall.

I cant believe I actually loved Potbellies. Everyone said "someone said that was there favorite place?" but it was great. There was a guy playing guitar on this loft type section of the restaurant/deli (check it out in the picture) and I had an awesome Italian sandwhich. This place totally reminded me of a cheezy downtown chicago highlight and I actually walked away feeling really happy. weird.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ford City south side

Today I went to Katherine's favorite store in a mall at 79th street called Ford City. This was my first excursion to the South side and it was nothing like I had heard or expected. This experience totally demystified any ideas I had had about it. The mall felt a lot like Toronto's Dufferin Mall.
I went with my friend Naufus and it took quite a long time to get there. It took an hour and a half both ways. Chicago is huge and the south side is huge and I found it interesting how all the stereotypes one hears are in fact not true. I felt totally safe and comfortable. The mall was quite diverse. Im really glad i experienced it for myself rather than listening to all the bullshit i hear in the news and from other people. I didnt want to video tape much because I felt that it was exploitative and I didnt want to act like a tourist. I guess the stereotypes I heard were that the south side is all black which is not true its predominantly but its also very diverse.It reminded me a lot of Toronto. the mall was totallymiddle class. not really expensive but not cheap. People we asked for directions were really nice. parts that we passed by bus were run down but it wasnt so bad. I wish it was closer to where I livedso it didnt take all day to do one activity. and Katherines favorite store Charlotte Russe was awesome. I loved the clothes there. I bought a t-shirt with music notes on it and wanted to buy a t-shirt that said" I had a night-mare that I was blonde." i love that.

I interviewed one other guy who I got in trouble cuz he was working. i hate managers in stores and how they always have to have control. i remember feeling so angry and repressed in those situations. This kid named Patrick told me his favorite place was a park on 63rd(i video taped the conversation for the exact location). its where he goes to unwind or when he is stressed he goes there and sits on a specific bench. I have to create a still of it from the video so it will go up soon. noone should listen to what they hear until they experience it for themselves.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Connections and Divisions

So far since I started this project the theme has been what I cant do in Chicago. Everyone has an opinion of where you should and shouldnt go. There is a lot of fear here and class division. I decided I would spend today biking around and interviewing people on the street about Chicago and how to know where to go. I ended up wanting to bike past Cabrini Green and when I asked a waitress of its location at a diner I had eaten at this morning she advised me not to bike by it. So that changed my plans and I ended up spending the day asking people about Cabrini Green and chicago. I got some great interviews and realized that depending on who you talk to the store constantly changes. so now this favorite place project has become more about trying to cross divisions that are represented in the media and by some white people or by people who have never experienced these areas for themselves. So I am going to do a short video about my experience with race and the city.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Navy Pier Connections: Robin and Katherine

While I was walking through Navy Pier with my Dad there was this outdoor restaurant patio created after the movie Forest Gump. I have video footage of the girls I met who worked at the restaurant and of Forest himself. I felt pretty embarrased for him touring america as Tom Hanks through this chain of seafood restaurants. The two girls I met were really easy to talk to and very nice. One girl Robin said her favorite place is the Japanese Garden. She said there is a path behind the garden where there are benches you can sit at. This is her favorite place because it is peaceful and quiet. DIrections Lake Shore Drive, 15 Jeffery bus behind the Science of Industry building.
Katherine said her favorite place is Ford City, a mall at 79th and and 79 Ford City. Her favorite store in the mall is Challotte Russe I think. I really look forward to these excursions as they seem like very personal favorite spots for each of them.

Stained Glass Museum

The Stained Glass Museum is located at the end of Navy Pier. I had two suggestions to go to this collection. My Dad really appreciated it. I am impressed by stain glass and really like when light goes through it but am not so into the iconography(i think would be the right word on the stain glass). Alot of religious references. I think stain glass could be amazing if it was contemporary. As usual the public including my dad is fascinated by art from the early 20th century. I liked elements of the windows so I tried to crop and isolate the stainglass sunsets and palmtrees from the whole window. I want to upload my pics but am unable too. there is some kind of bug and it is really frustrating me. stay posted.

Navy Pier: Christines Favorite Place

I met Christine one the corner of Halstead and Lincoln after going to the Lions Head Pub. Christine is on my blog. Her favorite place is Navy Pier because she said there is so much going on and in the summer you can ride the ferris wheel. I took my dad there as a tourist venture and favorite place excursion. I dont think I would return but I do like the colors in the pictures I got. check it out.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Paulines Media and Book Store/Chapel

Paulines Media and Book Store

October.20th Friday I visited a chapel tucked away in the back of a christian book and media centre/store. This favorite place was sent to me through Craigs list. This excursion was definitly different from my other outings.Walking into a christian book store in down town Chicago (Michigan Ave and WAshington) was bizarre. I walked in and there was a nun working behind the counter who was very young and pretty. I took off my hat and followed the instructions to walk to the back of the store and look for door labeled "chapel". I opened the door to find a small religious shrine/room with four chairs and two kneeling stands. There was one guy in there with a guitar who was praying so I sat at the back quietly and waited for him to leave so I could take a picture of the room. He left about 10minutes later and I stayed for another 15minutes about. I was raised as a Catholic but no longer go to church or believe or practice it. So being in that chapel did bring me back to a place in my past. I stayed because it did bring me a sense of peace and quietness and allowed me to sit still without the feeling of waiting which is why i liked church. it allows you to relax. I miss feeling connected to things. I want to be spiritual. Ive really turned into a jaded person. But also the religious aura really freaks me out. It was definitly a nice escape from the outside world which I find to weird to go to again. My visit was ended by two men entering the small room. Too close for comfort or relaxation so I left and I new they thought I was some honest young christian city girl which really bothered me. I didnt meet anyone through this excursion because it wasnt a social event and it didnt make sense to the context so I just didnt force it. I also felt very quiet when I left so no video footage or meeting of people through that one. It is a free quiet room to go to if you dont mind the religious iconography.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

connection outside of Bale

After eating our sandwiches Chris and I left Bale and I was videotaping the outside of the cafe. I have tried to meet at least 1-2 people each time I go to a new place so that I can get more suggestions and talk to people. As I was videotaping, a smiling face walked by named Danielle. I told her about my project and immediately she was engaged and we were talking like old friends. weird eh? people in chicago are so nice. they treat you like they have known you for a long time. I am generalizing but Canadians are a bit more cold or reserved is a good word. So she said she loves Chicago and has moved here from Vermont from a town on the border with Montreal which was a nice connection. Anyways she said Edgewater is one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago because it is culturally diverse.I am starting to realize that there are great areas to live in Chicago and perhaps I am not in the best one (ukranian village/hipster central). Her favorite place which I think is in Edgewater is called Hartland cafe. Actually she wanted to tell me tonnes of great places but I really want people to pick one place even if it isnt her absolute favorite so as she was thinking I was thinking about how I could help her to choose and what i was really looking for. so I said where is a place you really love that you would love other people to know about and that comforts you and a place where you go often. so Hartland Cafe it is. I have a video tape recording of why she likes it but i think she said because there are all different community events going on there like poetry nights and music shows. I got her email so I plan on keeping in touch and telling her what I thought of the place. Chris took a picture of us together and I thought it reflected how well we got a long that I am posed with her. Fun. Next we walked around the neighborhood and i still had my video camera out and a homeless man who was sitting infront of a store said "video tape me" so I asked him his favorite place which he said is Lincoln Park. He said he likes it there because the people are rich and give you money and it is pretty.

bale:vietnamese bakery/deli

On Wednesday my friend Chris took me to his favorite spot called Bale which is like a vietnamese deli. Located right near the Argyle metro stop. This was my first time visiting the Vietnamese neighborhood and it is small but quaint. I ordered Chris's favorite sandwich which is number 5 I think the steamed pork one. This sandwich is amazing. It was my first time I had tasted a dish I would imagine on rice in a baguette. Vietnam was colonized by France so there are all these interesting food and cultural hybrids. This sandwich which you can see above has coriander hot peppers, pork that is similar to spam but so much better, pickled relish in a fresh baguette. An explosion of taste. The small deli sits about 5 people and we sat and ate inside. Below are pictures. go go go go go....One of the my favorite excursions so far. Its the best when I am exploring a new ethnic neighborhood.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

October 14th

Today I was having coffee at Alliance Bakery which is one of my favorite places now because the lattes are great and so are the red velvet cupcakes which are new to me and it reminds me of montreal. So I was with a canadian friend who has family in chicago and she was helping me figure out this project when her uncle came to pick her up I got a picture of him, his name is Earl and he told me to email him about his favorite place but he mentioned two. The Viaduct which is an off broadway theatre on bellmont and Wester and Cafe Deluca his favorite coffee spot on Damon an Wabasnia(spelling?). Ill add pics at home.

new connections new places

October.14th 2005 update for myself
Yesterday I went on my 2nd excursion which was a boring but still different for me and led me to a bar I would never go back to except maybe for the free chicken wings during happy hour and the bartender was very nice. I visited Natalie's favorite Chicago place which is a bar/pub on Lincoln Ave called Lions Head Pub.I biked there from my apartment in the ukranian village and on my way asked about 5 or 6 people which way to go thereby leading me in all different directions. Naturally it is through people that I arrive at the location. This project is all about exchanges with people and interactions. So I got my partner Jesse to meet me there for a beer. I even had the bass for the first time which is the beer Natalie suggested. She said that the Lions Head Pub was haunted and that students from DePaul university were generally not there. When I arrived I sat at a the bar and started video taping the dark environment. Everyone in the bar was kind of a mix of corporate and jock type people. Mostly men. Licoln Park seems to be an upperclass neighbourhood. It was definitly an after work or class meeting place where groups of men and occassionally a woman in the group sat, watched the baseball game on flat screen t.vs behind the bar and ate free happy hour chicken wings. So I sat there at the bar drinking and starting talking to the bartender who was very nice and seemed interested in my project so kept coming back to talk to me in between orders. She told me the opposite of what Natalie had said; Lions Head Pub is not haunted at all except for the funny cobweb decorations that hung on old chandeliers and troll statues. She notified me that the haunted bar is down the street called. ( i have no memory) called... i will return with the name and told me that things move in this bar and ghostly images appear in photographs taken there. She was born and raised in Chicago and said "Im not the kind of person that has favorite things." I dont reallly either. Although I a m asking people to tell me one place, usually it is hard to narrow it down to one. So maybe it is more like a place that you go to the most or maybe favorite means the most comforting place or a place that becomes a ritual in the city. So she didnt want me to video tape her but i did have the camera focusing on something else as she told me about chicago. Jesse arrived a half hour later and we had another pint there and decided to leave to check out the real haunted bar that the bartender suggested. I realize after I leave someones favorite place I always feel like I have participated in something like I have a reason to be there and it gives me confidence and makes me feel like I have attained something or become more comfortable with Chicago. We decided not to walk to the next bar but go home. I was on my bike and when I was trying to find which direction to go in. It is confusing when you have three different streets intersecting I talked to several people but one girl named Christine came up and was so funny and great. I got a picture of her. She was like "hell ya I love Chicago but Im broke and I have to find a job" She was so lovely and open and said her favorite place to go is the Navy Pier. So each time I go some where I meet at least 2 people i connect to. I dont force it either because I do talk to several people on my way there and back. It is usually women and people I have a connection with or feel are open to ask. STarting to document a family tree of connections and places.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

to and from the scrap yard connections

I met Natalie in the Clyborn/North subway on my way to the scrap yard on Sept.27 2006.She was really nice and walked me to the corner.She let me take her picture and told me her favorite spot to go in Chicago is the Lions Head Pub on Licoln North of Fullerton. She said she loves it here because the bar is haunted and there is good Bass and Guiness. She also said it was one dive bar in her neighborhood where students didnt go. Really nice woman.

I met Tasha on my way back from the scrap yard when I walked into her bar in Wicker Park and asked for directions. She also goes to the SAIC and told me her favorite place to go and sit is on the concrete steps outside of the Planitariam.This is her favorite place because you can have a beautiful view of the city and and it is really isolated and serene. She went there once in the winter and said the little pieces of ice around the building made her think of the artic. She suggested I go at night between 8-10pm.

new suggestions of favorite spots

1.Sounds like a very great project, anxious to see the outcome.
AS an artist myself and Chicago resident for 10 years now, I have to say my favorite place is the Lake, on A BOAT out about10 football fields taking in our beautiful city from that very vantage point.

2.Hi Sarah,
Welcome to Chicago. I'm a drummer that has been
meeting with Jesse about once a week. I decided to
avoid the obvious landmarks and send you to a place
that is more true to Chicago's history. My charge is
that you visit the 106th street bridge over the
calumet river. Go during the day, walk out to the
center of the bridge, and listen to the sounds for at
least 20 minutes. I know you don't have a car, but
believe me it is worth it if you can get down there.
Best Regards,Joshua

3.So I've narrowed it down to five.
Favorite places in Chicago
1. Forest preserve (in part because it doesn't feel like the city)
2. any alley under the el tracks (becuse it feels so chicago)
3. the leadway (because I've spent so much time there)
4. Korean bbq: San Soo Gab San (because it's such a unique experience)
5. Devon Avenue (It's this kind of culture I'll miss most when I leave)

So do any of those speak to you? I'd be glad to take you to any of
these places. If you need me to narrow it down to one I will.

4.I don't know if this counts because it is actually in Wilmette, but my favorite place is the Baha'i Temple, off of Sheridan Rd. I am a Baha'i and this is the only Baha'i Temple in North America (there is one on every continent). There are 9 sides, symbolic that people of all Faith back grounds and all walks of life can come from different paths and yet still worhip together. It is a recognizable Chicago landmark even though it is not in Chicago.
Good luck with your project, it is a great idea and once you organize it with pictures etc, it will be a great resource to newcomers! (and old-timers!)

Best, misha

A good place to get a cross-section of Chicago's
demographic is the Metcalfe Federal Building at 77
West Jackson. I am Canadian, so you know I don't
understand Americans sometime. So I was stuck there
waiting for my social security card for two hours, not
only did I learn what Chicago is all about (by
eavesdropping), stared at some Chicago babies,
harrassed by a Chicago security guard, and most
importantly, caught a Chicago flu from the waiting
Not only that, the security guard asked me to leave my
multitool outside of the building, so I hid it next to
a fire hydrant. When I came out, it was gone! Taken by
some Chicago pedestrians, I'm sure. Thanks, federal
On the way back to the school, I walked past a place
called Chicken Planet. It looks like a corridor filled
with rotisseries, and it smells great. Wasn't hungry
at the time but the name caught my attention. Just
thought I'd mention some positive things about today.

6.A must see is the Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows at Navy Pier. A

7.i know a place where horses leap and white stallions dance, where are
is a silent dialogue and the handsome cab horses sleep. Come visit and
ill show you. im around on mondays, tuesdays, fridays and weekends.
sneek into a show this saturday at 2pm. take the brown line train to
sedgwick, go south to schiller, on your left. youll see what i mean.
good luck and take care

Noble Horse Theatre
1410 N orleans
Chicago IL
312. 266. 7878

Scrap Yard: Sept.27th

my absolute favorite place to go in the city is this scrap yard over
by where i work. i'll grab lunch at whole foods, or pack something and
then go there for lunch and just watch old metal get tossed around. i
actually don't know the name of the street. BUT - if you walk west on
north avenue - from the north and clyborn stop - clyborn will be on
your right when you leave the station - the next road about two blocks
down will be sheffield - and then the next street on your right will
be the one that leads you into what is called "the industrial
corridor" of chicago. you know all those pick up trucks you see in the
city with plywood sides in the bed and the trucks are just loaded with
bikes and water heaters and stuff. where this is where they all go.
there's a whole street of places to bring different types of scrap.
homeless folk will bring shopping carts full of stuff, for money. i
once saw this woman carrying a whole range on her back with a knotted
piece of rope. there's always neat bolts and antiquated logo's of
busted machines littering the street. you can even buy stolen bikes
there sometimes. and at the end of this one stretch is this huge yard
where they have three big claw machines just picking up piles of
wreckage and tossing them onto conveyor belts to be shredded up. it's
so loud - and from a distance it's fun just to figure out what's in
the claw. old cars. exercise bikes. old lockers. i guess i just like
it because it's so loud and consuming that for three blocks i just
feel like i'm in almost not in the city anymore.

Sept.27th First Excursion.. Metal Scrap Yard

My first Chicago walk was very interesting. I went to a metal scrap yard on September 27th at 2:00 pm on North street near Clyborn. This site is used to crush metal and then it is melted down and sold to steel mills. This place was suggested by a guy named Jeremy who goes to this metal scrap yard on his lunch breaks. At first I thought I wouldnt be able to enter the site because there was a sign that said "Dangerous do not enter" but a construction guy let me in after I told him I was doing a documentary on scrap yard sites in Chicago.I entered the site with a microphone, video camera and my still camera and took lots of footage and sat on a dirty ledge and watched on one side the construction workers fixing the bridge on north to my left and cars and metal being crushed to my right.I sat there for about half an hour and then started to walk around the giant metal sculptures. I had been there for about 45 minutes when I was approached by the construction manager of the scrap yard who told me in an aggressive way "I wouldnt just walk into your living room" and I responded calmly "but the door was open and I didnt realize it was private property and im doing a documentary on scrap yards" and blah blah blah. We soon became friends and I was kindly excorted out by him and other employees, one who looked quite hot in overalls but I was unable to document them.Overall it was a great experience and adventure. I love this project because it sets me out on a journey through the city and allows for different interactions that are out of my control.I met a woman on the way to the scrap yard that also told me her favorite place in Chicago and also met someone on my way home from the site who told me their favorite place. I read this reading about performances and rituals and paying attention to the gathering performing and leaving rituals that surround a performance. So unconsciously the performance for me started before I even arrived at the scrap yard and continued until I go home. I was able to document the people I met before and after the trip though. I have great pictures of this location which I will post in one hour as soon as my batteries charge. I realize this project is about creating connections for myself and trying to find a place of comfort in Chicago. By asking others what their favorite place to go is I am seeking out my own favorite place or sense of comfort in the city. Everyone has a different favorite place and for example I would never go to a metal scrap yard but experiencing this other experience gave me a sense of the person in a strange way. I am asking questions like where do they sit when they go to their favorite site and for how long and what are they thinking of? As I try to inhabit this public space made personal through each persons description I will document my own moments of comfort or discomfort.I must admitt I have been unattentive to my blog and need to write in it everyday. From this point on I will always write something in my blog or at least update it.Grad school is time consuming and takes me away from my adventures in Chicago but im back and here and have lots of amazing new suggestions from many people.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

more places

These are places suggested from asking strangers on the street or a few students I have bumped into.

1.I asked a woman on the corner of Michigan and Monroe where her favorite place was and she said she loved going to "The Majestic Casino". This is actually outside of Chicago but she said it was easy to access. Buses leave regularly from China Town.

2.A Creative Writing Grad student said her favorite places so far in Chicago are "The Stain Glass Museum" at the end of the Pier past the beer garden and the "Vietnam Veterans Memorial Museum".

3.Carmen from "Sign a Rama" on Chicago near Damon said her favorite place is the Burham Harbour. She likes it there because the water is relaxing and there are little bike paths and it is clean and less busy there.

responses update

So far I have received several suggestions of favorite places to go. Tomorrow will be my first excursion. Here are some of the suggestions so far. If you want, check out one of these places and send me info on what you thought of the site or take a photo and I will include it in my project.

1.I am a Chicago native. Born and raised on the North Side. One of my favorite places to be in Chicago is to drive inbound (i.e. towards the city) on teh Eisenhower expressway on a clear day when you can see the skyline sprawled out in front of you. Best of luck with your project and Welcome to my hometown.

2.there is a place just southof devon just west of central avenue where the river runs through the woods and a small neighborhood I f you would like my wife and my self and our 2 yearold boy will show you the walking trail.I have seen deer coyote and once i saw ablue heron fox rabbits.All of this 70 or 80 feet from a chicago road

3.My favorite place in the city, besides the lake front is my church, Apostolic Churc of God on 63rd and Dorchester. I love it because I did not grow up in church like some people, but this place was instantly like a second home. They offer alot of free classes: spiritul of course, but also language, money management, etc.
It is a beautiful building that is currenly building a youth center. Notable Chicagoians attend worship there as well.

There is a website:

Come in, walk around, talk to people, attend service and maybe a class of your choosing! Also pick up the Cross & Crown Newsletter.




ok, so there is this thai place right near wrigley
field. its called cozy noodles and rice. website: fun looking place, delicious thai
food if you like it.

there is also a really great place on belmont called
bittersweet. its like this
bakery-slash-patisserie-slash-chocolate place-slash
special of the day type restaurant. its just.. mmmm.
its just a couple of blocks west of the belmont el
stop, on the north side of the street, before you
reach the theatre building.

also, there is this place called hillary's urban
eatery. they just closed a location recently but will
open in a new location soon. they make some great
comfort foods and soul foods. they even have sweet
potato french fries... and other yummy yummy things.

um, shopping - thriftstores!
go to any village discount, goodwill, or salvation
army. they are SO great in chicago.

For live shows -
go to IO (formerly improv olympic) right at the
intersection of clark and addison near wrigley. go see
TJ and Dave. they do an amazing long form improv every
wednesday night at 1030 or 11pm (i dont remember), but
if you dont buy your tickets by the morning of their
show, you wont get in.

also, a little ways down clark from there(more food,
man.) is a place called pick me up cafe. they make
some delish little veggie pita thing. their waitstaff
is quirky. the music they play is good. usually.
unless that one guy is working, and its all screaming

And place to just lie out? (once you're stuffed from
all the eating im making you do). Go to millenium park
and lay on the lawn of the ampitheatre. nothing new or
unique about that. but nice.

coffee places.
go to bourgeois pig.
738 W Fullerton Parkway.
they have great coffee and tons of teas to choose
also, for coffee, go to filter. 1585 N Milwaukee Ave.
there is quite the scene over there. its a lot of
indie scene artsy 20-somethings (its right near the
double door and right off of the blue line at damen
stop.) and while you're at it, go a couple doors down
to earwax cafe. they make a really mean turkey feta
and spinach burger. you'll be tasting it for the rest
of the night, but its worth it.
hope this is a good start.

5.My Favorite place in chicago is most deffinatly the Montrose Doggie Beach!

6.Go to Two-Way Grill on Elston and Pulaski ......... go at night ........ after 12 ........ order breakfast .......... it's one of the greatest places in Chicago. Once you're in there you'll understand.

PS......... Don't forget to use the restroom .......... it's hilarious

6.Hello there:

Welcome to Chicago! Here's a list of places that you should definitely
check out when you get a chance:

1) La Tavernetta - Mom-and-pop Italian restaurant on 3023 N Broadway
2) Chicago Diner - If you're vegan or vegetarian, this restaurant is
heaven; 3411 N Halsted
3) Melrose Restaurant - 3233 N Broadway; open 24/7/365. Good place,
perfect place for hanging out after a long night out!
4) Adler planetarium - More than the planetarium itself, the view of
the Chicago skyline from the planetarium is unbelievable. It's very

I hope this helps.
Good luck with your project! Feel feel free to ask if you have any

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Monday, September 18, 2006

I just moved to Chicago from Montreal Canada and want to get to know the city better. I want to know what your favorite place in Chicago is. This can be anything from a restaurant, park, intersection, neighborhood, church, bar, alleyway, concert hall, bench in the city. Anyplace that you love to go in Chicago tell me what it is specifically, where it is and why it is your favorite place. This is a collaborative art project so if you want to send me any pictures of the place or you in it feel free. I will document my experiences of your favorite site and post pictures of the site on my blog This project will allow me to get to know Chicago and create a network of people and places from the responses. This project will also act as a community tourist site for anyone new to Chicago who is interested in knowing what other peoples favorite places are. I will document each experience like im writing in a journal and share with you my experience in your favorite site. I would love it if you would tell me why it is your favorite place too so that we can share our experiences.